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tv   America This Morning  ABC  July 29, 2011 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news this morning, here comes don. >> the tropical storm is picking up steam in the warm gulf waters, now just hours from hitting land. can it quench a texas-size drought? also a military townn edge yet again after police expose what they say was a plot to kill soldiers at ft. hood, texas. for families there a frightening sense of deja vu. he never gave uphope. a pilot shares his epic struggle treading water for 18 hours lost on the great lakes. and good morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> and i'm tanya rivero. texas is eagerlyly awaiting the arrival of tropical storm don. >> now on track to make landfall along the southeast texas coast
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tonight or tomorrow morning. with winds topping 65 miles an hour, as you can imagine, people all along the texas coast are getting ready. >> but believe it or not it is not expected to put a dent in the historic drdrght. parts of the state are 15 inches short of their average rainfall and matt gutman shows how bad it is. >> reporter: these soybean plants would normally be chest high. instead the tracks in the soil here are about waist deep. >> well, just how much rain will don dump on south texas and what path will it take. >> accuweather meteorologist jim dickey is track the storm. >> we're looking at the infrared images, the bright oranges mark that the storm is slowly strengthening as it's moving mortgagewestward and concentric pattern. landfall is expected around corpus christi. as we head towowd nightfall, not really expect to be much of a
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windsto windstorm. winds sustained 50, 65 miles per ur as it does make landfall. more of a good thing. extreme drought across much of texas. much-needed rainfall we'llget, some spots as much as 8 inches. rob and tanya, back to you. >> live updates coming up on "good morning america." we turn to the storm in washington. the government will max out its credit card in just four days now, but republicans and democrats are further apart than ever on what to do about it. >> john boehner's republicans can't even get their own house in order. a predicted vote on capitol hill never came to pass. >> abc's karen travers joins us now from washington. good morning, karen. >> reporter: good morning, rob and tanya. house republican leaders wanted to send a strong message about spending cuts and party unity but some rebellious conservatives threw a wrench in the plan. it was a dramatic night on capitol hill that ended with nothing. shortly before 10:30 last night they postponed a vote on their
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debt ceiling rather than see it go down in defeat. the plan would cut $900 billion from the deficit and extend the debt ceiling only through next spring. some house conservatives say it doesn't go far enough and after a long day and night of arm twisting republican leaders still didn't have the votes to get it passed. an unusually smug senate majority leader harry reid quickly took to the senate floor. >> i apologize to everyone for the late hour. we've been waiting for the house to conduct their business and they're having trouble conducting it. >> reporter: earlier boehner projected confidence. >> today the house will take action again on a solution to end the debt limit crisis. there's no reason for anyone to object to it. >> reporter: house conservatives seem to be falling into line. >> well, i think by the time we get to the vote on this, i'll pass. >> reporter: if it passed the senate was set to consider boehner's bill right away but senate democrats and the white house made it clear that's the
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end of the road. >> the bill being considered in the house cannot be an option because it will not pass the senate so it's dead on arrival. >> reporter: as the night ticked on they scrambled to make changes to win over conservative holdouts but the votes still weren't there. the deadline is just days away. votes begin in the house at 11:00 a.m. it's unclear when they will take up the debt ceiling plan but they will certainly only do it when house republican leaders are confident it can pass. >> karen, we're down to the wire here. you've covered washington for more than a decade. is this as bad as you've seen it? >> reporter: this is certainly as close to the wiree as we've seen in a long time. that's because this vote has actual hard deadline with the debt ceiling set to expire net wewe. that doesn't usually happen on legislative business here in washington but after weeks of tense negotiations there's till no sense of compromise. the house plan can't pass the senate. the senate plan can't pass the house and at some point somebody
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will have to compromise to get something so the president can sign. treasury officials are works on a doomsday scenario where they would pay off some debts but all say it cannot get to that point. tanya. >> karen travers in washington. thank you. see what the weekend brings. in other news, the army says that one of its own was plotting a deadly attack on troops at ft. hood, texas. the second such attack in just two years. but this time a clerk at a gunshop got suspicious and tipped off police. it happened killeen, texas, near the army base as ryan owens reports. >> reporter: investigators say this young soldier has been battling the army almost since he joined it. >> i don't want to deploy because i believe i can't both deploy and be a muslim. >> reporter: naser abdo didn't want to fight in afghanistan but was more than willing at causing bloodshed at home saying he
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wanted to get even with the military and chose ft. hood because of the 2009 attack where major nadal hasan killed and wounded soldiers. his plan was to set off two bombs then shoot any survivors. police say the attack was imminent. >> we would probably be here today giving you a different briefing had he not been stopped. >> reporter: greg ebert is the one who stopped him, former marine and police officer who works at this gun store. he got suspicious when abdo arrived on a cab on tuesday then bought six pounds of gunpowder, three boxes of shotgun ammunition and a magazine for a semiautomatic pistol. he paid $250 in cash. >> if somebody comes in especially into a business like this and makes a purchase and doesn't know what he's buying, i'd be concerned about that. >> reporter: concerned enough to call police who the next day
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searched the soldier's room at this local tel. hotel room they not only found the ammunition he purchased in this store but a pistol as well as the components needed to make two bombs. ryan owens, abc news, killeen, texas. >> gun shop owner is a hero as far as i'm concerned. scary. a look at your weather from around the country. rain from the gulf coast, little rock, memphis, nashville and louisville. showers and thunderstorms around minneapolis, chicago and detroit. also stormy in the northeast from new england down to washington, d.c. and humid with near triple-digit heat in georgia and the carolinas. some heavy downpours in the southwest. >> phoenix hits 105. 90 in salt lake city and 74 in seattle. upper 80s from fargo to detroit. 79 in boston, 85 here in new york and 90s from baltimore to miami and dallas. and coming up next on the show this morning, a republican rising star sent to the
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hospital. how governor chris christie is coping. tigegewoods makes a big announcement about his future. [ male announcer ] your favorite show is on or the game
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or there's an emergency and you need to know so you turn on your local tv and it's gone. right now, congressional action may threaten the local tv you rely on.
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millions could lose access to free local news. others could lose their hd unless congress protects local tv. tell congress: protect local tv. what if there is a debt default? today the treasury department outlines what will happen at its meeting in new york with 20 of the largest banks which often buy government bonds. bloomberg reports if there is a default, treasury will give priority to making interest
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payments to bond holders. the u.s. debt crisis is again weighing on asian markets this morning. tokyo's nikkei average lost 68 points today. hong kong's hang seng is down 81. in london the ftse opened higher. on wall street, the dow fell 62 points yesterday. the nasdaq index rose 1.5 points. while ford can't make enough of its focus to make demand, ford is flying in parts from europe but it's not enough. the focus was the company's top-selling passenger vehicle last month and there are waiting lists for the car. traffic at starbucks is back up to prerecession levels as its customers who tend to be a little more affluent visit more often. the company reported a big jump in profits yesterday. othehefood companies that indicator to the well-to-do are reporting similar results. how about all you can fly? jetblue airways is offering a three-month pass for unlimited flights. the blue pass is aimed at
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business travelers and allows last-minute bookings anding changes. prices range from 1,300 to $2,000. they are on sale through sunday or until they sell out. our favorite story of the day. so much for a healthier diet. the doughnut burger is a new delicacy making the rounds in several state fairs. the bun is actually two halves of a glazed doughnut loaded with a quarter pound of beef, cheese, bacon and other toppings, as well. each weighs in at about 1,500 calories, that's as much as a whopper and a big mac combined. >> okay, now i've seen it all. >> breakfafa of champions. my heart is stopping just reading that. >> oh, my god. i can't even look at that picture. all right. when we come back, a warning from tylenol about how much you should be taking. on top of that treading water for a day and a half this morning on "world news after his plane crashed so what was going through that pilot's head all that time? hey, the new guy is loaded with protein!
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detroit is bracing for another day of downpours after drenching rain caused a major headache for drivers. just look at this. flooded roads, strappeded driver, the weather also left some highways backed up for miles. today, summer storms will bring more possible flooding from chicago to new york and on i-70 from st. louis to pittsburgh and also be slick on i-20 from tyler, texas, to jackson, mississippi and from little rock to memphis, rain also soaks parts of the southwest. >> if you're flying, airport delays are possible in chicago, detroit, boston, new york and houston. polygamy leader warren jeffs has a new straragy. he is now defending himself. jeffs fired his attorneys yesterday just before opening statements were getting ready to start. when it was time to make an opening statement, jeffs sat silent. he has gone through seven
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attorneys in just the last six months. new jersey governor chris christie plans to hold staff meetings today just one day after a health scare landed him in the hospital. christie who suffers from asthma found it hard to breathe yesterday on his way to a bill signing. he underwent some tests which all came back normal. when he left the hospital he said he felt fine was just a little tired. the pilot who survived crashing his plane into lake huron and treading water for 18 hours says he still can't walk. michael trapp explains the details of this week's ordeal to reporters yesterday. hehe admitted making some mistas like not taking an emergency beacon with him and trapp described his moment of rescue. >> i got to the back of the boat. i put my hand on board and i couldn't -- that was the extent of what my ability was. they grabbed me and just drug me on board like a caveman drags his wife. the one thing i wanted one more time was just to wrap my arm around my wife and my mom and my
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family just one more time. i just wanted to feel them one more time. >> an emotional experience. his doctors say his muscled are damaged like running a marathon without any training. he admits he's a little gun shy about getting back in the air. the makers of extra strength tylenol are changing its daily dose. johnson & johnson plans to cut the dosage to lower the risk of accidental overdose and liver failure. starting this fall, labels on the extra strength tylenol packages will direct users to take up to six pills a day instead of eight. also in medical newews an alarming jump in strokes among pregnant women and new moms. researchers say more of them are obese and suffering from high blood pressure and heart disease. there was a 54% increase in hospitalizations for pregnancy-related strokes from 2006 to 2007 compared to 1994 and '95. experts say there needs to be for aggressive screening.
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hideki irabu was among the first japanese players to come to the u.s. and played six seasons. his body was found at his l.a. area home wednesday. it is believed he committed suicide. neighbors said he had grown upset after splitting with his wife. after a lengthy absence, tiger woods is making news saying he is "excited to get back out there." woods says he'll be back in action at next week's pga event. the former world number one has taken the last 11 weeks off to heal injuries to his left leg, all that time off has resulted in woods plummeting in golf's overall ranking. now some highlights of the baseball kind. we get those from espn news. cole wright with your update. with major league baseball's trade deadline just days away the giants putting their newest acquisition beltran to work against the phillies.
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kendrick is pitching and beltran was not hitting. he strikes out swinging. then in the top of the sixth, beltran back for more. kendrick says sit down. 0 for 4. two ks. aaron rowand pinch hitting for lincecum. michael martinez bobbles the ball and shoots one over the head of howard and he says, nate, i like the way you think, i'm coming home too and scores and giants win, 4-1. derek lowe entering third base, 10-0 career against the pirates. top of t t fifth. game tied at 1. andrew mccutcheon doubled into the gap. xavier paul, he comes home to score. the pirates are back in front, it's 2-1. top of the ninth now, no out for mccutcheon again. putting the charge in that one. that's hit further than they built the fence in left center. number 15 on the year for him. the pirires they win, 5-2. albert pujols and cardinals
4:20 am
taking on the astros. pujols, doubling down the right field line. jon jay, the founding father, he comes on home, cardinals out in front, 3-1. carlos lee, el caballo, he can hit, that's gone to left. astro, they go on to get the "w," 5-3 the final count. i'm c ochole wright, for the la on the sports scene check out the highlight express. a grandma cheering them on from the sidelines, she's not related to any of them this. is susie sanchez, the newest member of the team's cheerleading squad. >> sanchez is 37, a mother of three and grandmother of one, pretty good-looking grandmother and it's been her lifelong dream to make the squad. finally this one, she made it. >> congratulations, i like to see that. age is a state of mind.
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4:24 am
parched farms and ranches. > republicans will try again today to get their plan through the house after postponing a vote on it last night. conservative members of their own party are refusing to support it. the treasury department is work on a plan to keep the government going if congress is unable to act. dozens of investigators including those from an fbi child abduction unit continue their search today for 11-year-old celina cass. as of now they have very little evidence in the fifth grader's disappearance. she was last seen at her family home monday night. alex trebek goes under the knife today. surgeons will repair his achilles tendon hurt in a tus walter reed army medical center a burglar this week. he will be in a cast for six weeks. the summer x games have begun. motorcycle, skateboards, it wraps up on sunday and you can see all the action on espn and here on abc. >> very brave guys.
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acuvue® oasys brand. start to the friday morning and finally this morning a lighter look at the dowow to th wire battle to raise the national debt ceiling.
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>> this time our favavite tv comedians are sharing their take on all the washington theatrics. >> president barack obama inter-rupped a bachelorette search for love to take that long road down we killed bin laden lane. >> if you believe we can solve this problem through compromise, send that message. >> that's right. call your congressman? did the president just quit? did that -- i mean, seriously, you're the president. you're asking us to call congress. yeah, sure, i'll call the congress. why don't you come here and mow my [ bleep ] lawn because i have
4:29 am
[ bleep ] to do. >> in washington, d.c. right now, our fearless leaders are fighting like a horde of brides in filene's basement. if the debt ceiling isn't raised by august 2nd the whole c cntry they say could go into default on its loans and we wouldn't have to pay its bills and then america will have ask its parent force money. china lent us most of the money that we're supposed to pay back. they're so threat they're threatening g flood our country with a bunch of cheap hazardous products. >> and the tea party hobbits could return to middle earth having defeated -- >> the point is, i get comparing the debt crisis to the "lord of the rings." they've both got elaborate plot, more characters than you can keep track of and talking about both of them repels girls. >> oh, good stuff. >> yeah, absolutely. >> all right.
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that is whatat making news in america on this morning. >> stay with us for "good rn